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Deep Dive into XRPL DeFi Review Quiz

Deep dive into XRPL Defi with this course review quiz. Answer randomized questions from the course covering the inner workings of decentralized finance including safety and security, auto-bridging, pathfinding, liquidity pools, and more. Good Luck!

Where do AMMs store currency?
How does the XRPL order book differ from a typical AMM?
Where do AMMs store currency?
How do AMMs work?
How does DeFi promote innovation in the financial sector?
In the context of pathfinding on the XRPL, what is auto-bridging?
What is Pathfinding?
What is one benefit of transaction transparency in DeFi systems?
What is the primary purpose of private keys in the digital world of DeFi?
Which of these platforms don’t offer a built in order book?