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Comprehensive Quiz

This comprehensive test contains a randomized set of questions from all courses and lessons. The questions will refresh every time you take it. Good luck!

How is blockchain changing the gaming industry?
How is data mutation different in web 3.0 applications?
How are cryptocurrency transactions secured?
Which of the following best describes XRPL's check feature?
What is the order book?
Why was web 1.0 known as the 'read-only' era?
What is the order book?
What is auto-bridging?
Why would someone use a multi-signature account?
In the context of pathfinding on the XRPL, what is auto-bridging?
What is the primary goal when making a request on the XRPL?
How does blockchain help game creators?
Which of the following statements best summarizes how we use trust lines?
What could a smart contract be used for?
What is Forte?
What is a DEX?
When transferring an NFT you own, which of the following helps someone else find and accept the transfer.
Where are in-game assets stored?
Why would someone use escrows?
What could a smart contract be used for?