Comprehensive Quiz

This comprehensive test contains a randomized set of questions from all courses and lessons. The questions will refresh every time you take it. Good luck!

What is Forte?
Why doesn't XRPL use PoW?
What is one potential use case for NFTs?
The URI of an NFToken is meant to store what information?
Why doesn't the XRPL use Proof of Work (PoW)?
When transferring an NFT you own, which of the following helps someone else find and accept the transfer.
Why was web 1.0 known as the 'read-only' era?
How does the XRPL order book differ from a typical AMM?
A TransferFee of 5000 denotes what fee?
A TransferFee of 5000 denotes what fee?
To transfer an NFT between two accounts, you must:
What advantage does web 3.0 offer to the gaming industry?
What line of code correctly instantiates a client on the XRPL?
What is a private key?
Do you need smart contracts to build on the XRPL?
What is the name of a digital asset that can represent a share of a company?
Which coding language is required to build on the XRPL?
What is the difference between the testnet and livenet/mainnet servers?
What information does a broker need to have in order to facilitate a transaction?
What is a smart contract?