Build with React.js and XRPL Review Quiz

Review and test your knowledge on how to get up and running on the XRP Ledger with React.js with this comprehensive course review quiz with randomized questions. Good Luck!

Which hook in the nice-xrpl library creates a trust line?
How does someone add funds to a new account on the livenet/mainnet?
To change the currency of a transaction in the example code sandbox, which file should be edited?
What is the NFTokenTaxon ID used for?
Why is a trust line necessary for transactions with tokens and currency?
What is a use case for brokering an NFT transfer?
What information does a broker need to have in order to facilitate a transaction?
To transfer an NFT between two accounts, you must:
A TransferFee of 5000 denotes what fee?
The URI of an NFToken is meant to store what information?