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Build an XRPL-powered application with React.js

With the nice-xrpl React library, you can effortlessly create XRPL-powered web applications, from basic wallet apps to intricate NFT-brokerage platforms. The React.js-based XRPL library provides a streamlined system of hooks for straightforward development.

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Build quickly with simple hooks

The library abstracts XRPL.js to make building apps as fast as possible. To create a quick app and connect to the XRPL, all we need is to wrap our application in the XRPLClient hook and we’re off to the races:

export default function App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
      <XRPLClient network={Networks.Testnet}>
        <MainApp />

Create a quick wallet application with React.js + XRPL

Here is a simple app which creates a wallet and sending XRP on the XRPL testnet. Open the sandbox and duplicate a new version to use it as a starting point to create your own wallet app on the XRP Ledger.

React.JS + XRPL Code Examples

Explore more code sandboxes using nice-xrpl, the React.js + XRPL library. Each sandbox features a simplified UI and a clear structure.

Create Account + Fund testnet Faucet

Send XRP

Create trust line and send currency

Mint and burn NFTs

Transfer NFTs

Broker NFTs

Access Library on github

Not ready to dive into the React.js Library?

The XRPL Learning Portal is a comprehensive starting point for developers who want to gain expertise in Web3 coding. XRPL’s vibrant community supports develops at any stage of their journey.

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