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Are there any coding bootcamps or online courses specifically tailored to cryptocurrency and DeFi programming?

Several coding bootcamps and online courses are specifically designed to cater to individuals interested in cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) programming. These programs offer a structured and focused approach to mastering the skills required for blockchain development and DeFi application creation. Notable options include ConsenSys Academy, which provides comprehensive training in Ethereum and Solidity; B9lab, offering both online and in-person Ethereum developer courses; and Blockchain at Berkeley, which covers blockchain fundamentals, Ethereum, and smart contract development. DeFi Academy specializes in decentralized finance, while ChainSafe Academy offers courses in blockchain and DeFi development. CryptoZombies, an interactive tutorial, is ideal for beginners looking to learn Solidity and Ethereum smart contract development. Additionally, platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy host a range of blockchain-related courses, although they may not be DeFi-specific. When choosing a program, it’s crucial to consider the course content, prerequisites, and instructor credentials to ensure they align with your learning objectives and skill level.